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Message Clarification Worksheet


Please answer as the following worksheet as fully as you can.
We use this information to build a more effective frame for your website and increase conversion of your site visitors. Because: if we can help prospective customers to clearly know what you have to offer, without taking up their mental energy, it is much easier for them to say “yes” to your offer.

Your website header should be very positive, simple, include a visual that communicates something about your product, and be in easy to read and understand language. We believe clarity sells products. Your website header should offer a statement that answers 3 things for the prospective consumer: 1. What do you offer? 2. How will it make my life better? 3. What do I need to do to buy it?
Think beyond “learn more” - give site visitors something to accept or reject. The call to action (CTA) will be featured multiple times across your site; we will also feature it in a “Z” pattern on your landing page. We want to be clear and forward with the CTA, What offering would you like website visitors to say “yes” to?
This is the “hook” of your landing page. The customer’s life may not yet look like the very 
positive offering featured in your website header. From the customer perspective, What is it 
going to cost me to not buy your product?
What life will look like if they do buy your product? Please spell out the values and benefits for us.
Featuring a plan on your website will help overcoming the risk of doing business with you, 
because the steps will look so easy (and well designed!). Even if the process is fairly obvious, we still want to dispel any mystery for the potential client, spell it out, and make saying saying “yes” to your product easier. What 3 (or 3-5) steps can people take to engage with your product? ex: “1. Analyze Goals”, “2. Custom Strategy, 3. Help you execute strategy so you see results”