Websites you Can Edit Yourself: The Better Way to Web

For years I had this feeling, like, ‘there must be a better way’…when it came to web design and the cloud of mystique that seemed to surround it. 

SquareSpace has since lifted that cloud and is becoming the industry standard, at just over 12 years old, the company is finally capturing the attention of the masses. With Super Bowl ADs centered around chasing your passions, award winning customer support and first hand experience seeing the value placed on my position as a SquareSpace Specialist, I say with confidence-  SquareSpace runs business like people are at their bottom line.

If you have ever had a broken site, a malfunctioning server, a moment of need in the web world, you know how confusing things can be. While other platforms bank on the majority of their users being the ‘developer type,' SquareSpace knows the average human can also benefit from some control over their website. If you have used a computer in the last 10 years, you will have no trouble logging into the user-friendly SquareSpace Content Management System (CMS) and making on-going changes to your professional-level website. 

Ready to make the switch? 

- Kate Bosse, MOR Creative |