SEO Growth Formula for Your Website

A lot of us think we know what we want when it comes to SEO…we want ‘SEO Optimization,’ algorithms, code, metadata, keyword embedding- all that stuff a high level developer needs to take care of, right? 

Not exactly. Your visibility among all the others like you in the web space is in your hands, and the steps you can follow for success can be communicated in layman's terms. 

But what about all the stuff- metadata, keywords, algorithms….?

Our Squarespace clients often request the inclusion of ‘SEO Optimization’ for their website builds- and we absolutely have a set of SEO initiatives that are innate to our process and lay a solid SEO foundation for our clients; but more importantly, we take time to dispel some of the mystique around SEO and educate clients on the simple formula they can follow to generate more traffic. 

The 3-Part Formula

Yes it is important that all the technical jargon checks out- your site indexing is easily crawlable, you have clean HTML, proper tags, etc. but don’t get weighed down in these- by choosing to build on Squarespace, many of the technical qualities of good SEO will be addressed, monitored and maintained.

It’s ultimately up to you, the company, to make sure your site is maintained with the following 3 keys to increasing search engine visability:

  1. Relevant Content: You have a continual opportunity to publish relevant content and match what people are looking for in relation to your product or service. The search terms people are typing into Google to find you are the keywords you want to use throughout your site. You can use Google Trends or Adwords to find out what terms are relative to your product and then talk about these terms as often as possible- within each of your pages, and especially your blog. You want to leverage your blog in particular because posting regularly is an easy way to show search engines that what you have to offer on your site fresh and relevant.

  2. Reciprocal Linking- In short, the more credible sites pointing to your site, the better. This is one of the reasons why social media accounts are so important, they are high quality links pointing back to your page. Posting on credible websites and linking to credible websites is the second biggest factor Google takes into consideration when crawling your site.

  3. Site Quality/The Technical Stuff- Is your site responsive, mobile friendly, and contain all the technical aspects of good SEO? If you are using Squarespace, the answer to this one is a resounding YES.

These are the 3 most weighted items in Google’s search engine ranking process- commit them to memory and chip away at them on a frequent, regular basis and watch your page ranking skyrocket! 

Kate BosseComment