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Project Components: Website Re-Design & Creation, UI/UX, CSS, Re-Brand & Logo Design, SEO. 

"I cannot give enough praise to the service, expedience and careful attention MOR Creative gave to our project.  Communication was constant and our suggestions and comments were dealt with immediately.  But probably most importantly, MOR got the artistic feeling we were looking for and conveyed that vision as though they knew exactly what we wanted.  An added bonus: Our site went live a full week before the promised date!" - Myles Weinstein, President


Project Components: Website Re-Design & Creation, UI/UX, CSS, Image library, SEO. 

"It was such a pleasure to work with Kate and her team at MOR Creative. We had an existing site that was confusing and poorly designed. Kate and her team worked with us to streamline the UX, messaging, and graphic design. In fact, their re-design solved our most pressing marketing challenges almost immediately. We have had numerous members of our community tell us how much clearer our intention is, and this investment in our site has already improved our credibility and conversion. Thank you all so much for your outstanding work!"  - Hannah Loudin, Director of Operations


Project Components: Website creation, UI/UX, photography, multi component re-brand, logo design, customer profiling, visual asset package, SEO. 

"In short, working with the MOR creative team has been an absolute pleasure. They were able to create branding/marketing material and develop a website that completely portrayed the vision I had for my company. I was very impressed with the consistent communication and clarification between us; I never felt as if I was out of the loop or did not know what was going on. I have received numerous compliments on my website and material- even from other web design companies!" -Ryan Conigliaro, Partner


Project Components: Website Creation, UI/UX, CSS, SEO, Creative Direction

Synoptic Data

Project Components: Re-design, UI/UX, CSS, Creative Direction, Video Animation, SEO, Visual Asset Package


Project Components: Website design, UX Design, CSS, SEO.

"The team at Mor Creative is fantastic! Not only does the work look great, but it was done on time and done correctly the first time. They're super-easy to work with, well organized, and happy to take charge and offer their own creative point of view on your project." - Paul Rego, Director of IT

Florida Transportation Systems

Project Components: Re-design, UI/UX, CSS, Creative Direction, SEO, Visual Asset Package


Project Components: Re-design, UI/UX, CSS, Creative Direction, SEO, Visual Asset Package


Project Components: Website design, UX Design, visual asset package, ideation, SEO.

"Choosing a web design company was a big deal for our start up firm. There seems to be a lot of companies with technical expertise, but we wanted more than just good design. We needed someone that understood why we exist as a company. Someone who could help us with our message strategy to let the world know our purpose. Mor Creative came highly recommended so we gave them a chance. They listened, responded to our requests, and hit a home run. They communicated the “Why” of our company in a manner that allowed our Mission to stand front and center. We believe this will drive the world to know more about our entire endeavor. I highly recommend Mor Creative." - Peter & Jonathan Travers, Co-Owners


Project Components: Website creation, UI/UX, CSS, Creative Direction, GIF creation, SEO, Visual Asset Package

Kate and the Mor team did an excellent job on my company Journi's site. I found Kate through the Squarespace creative community and with a minimal budget she was able to work magic. Her communication was excellent and even though we had more revisions than expected she took care of us, never complained and I am extremely grateful. She has a positive but direct attitude which really helps everyone keep energized while staying focused. I am going to continue to build out our site with kate and after building websites in my past with over 10 different web development teams,I can easily say Kate is one of the best. Thank you Kate. - Terrence L., Owner


Project Components: Website design, UX Design, visual asset package, ideation.

"My career long issue with most website builders is that they know how to code. And that’s it. What is needed before the coding is intelligent marketing thought and well-designed visual assets. Kate Bosse/MOR Creative is the holy trifecta of website design; she thinks creatively, does graphic design and builds the site. What comes out of a MOR Creative website rebuild is a modern website that is built using better marketing and visual assets. Having worked with Kate for 5 years, I recommend her to every business owner who needs a site rebuilt." - Per Heistad, Owner


Project Components: Website creation, UX/UI, E-Commerce, logo design, visual asset package. 

"Kate and the team at MOR Creative were great! They helped create a beautiful and clean website for my new company with very little input or any development knowledge from me. I basically provided my initial 'vision' of what I hoped to accomplish with the site and they ran with it.... and exceeded my expectations. Once the site went live I immediately started getting great reviews from visitors. MOR also worked with me on different innovative options to fit my budget and even designed a killer logo for the company. The customer service was also outstanding. Emails and calls were returned promptly and with all necessary information that was requested.  I felt like I was the solo client for the timespan that I worked with MOR. I feel like they went above and beyond the original scope of the project. I couldn't recommend this team more."  - Houston Bailey, CEO

Tek Five

Project Components: Website creation, re-branding, logo design, visual asset package. 


Project Components: Website creation, UI/UX, Photography, visual asset package. 

"Wonderful to work with, created a custom square space website for my business, www.MobileDentalER, and even took photos for my webpage and designed my business and rack cards. Kate you are great!" -Misty Melillo, Owner


Project Components: Website design, UX Design, CSS, SEO.

"The team at Mor Creative is fantastic! Not only does the work look great, but it was done on time and done correctly the first time. They're super-easy to work with, well organized, and happy to take charge and offer their own creative point of view on your project." - Paul Rego, Director of IT


Project Components: Website re-design, UI/UX, visual asset package. 

InsightfulAct/Barazza & Associates

Project Components: CSS, UX, Website Design & Development

Red Door No. 5

Project Components: Splash page design


Project Components: Website creation, E-Commerce, visual asset package. 

"Kate was definitely the best choice we could have made on this project.  She’s extremely talented, efficient, and knew how to get us exactly where we wanted to be even when we didn’t know how to explain it. Professionally she wasted no time in getting started,  she knew exactly what she was doing and most importantly cared about every aspect of our website. She demonstrated extreme patience, listened to what we were saying and took the time to explain things. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Kate really went over and above the call of duty for us!" -John Estrada, Project Manager

AVCO Consulting 

Project Components: Website re-design, marketing ideation, visual asset package. 

"Our original website was very cluttered and very confusing for a layman browsing the site and it badly needed a redesign, hence we were referred to Kate by our marketing consultant. She has done an excellent job and the end product was a very clear, creative & professionally designed website. We have seen a huge increase in traffic, resulting in a lot of enquiries and sales. I am very happy to have engaged Kate and her team on this project."
-Vijay Nalamada, CEO


Project Components: Website design, visual asset package, blog.

"Thank you so much! Everything looks great! Myself and the rest of our board appreciate all of your guidance on this project. We are certain that this new website will help us to better communicate with our nonprofit partners and work to expand our outreach in serving children in need." - Amanda Long, Senior Portfolio Manager


Project Components: Website creation, UX/UI design, visual asset package. 


Project Components: Website re-design, logo design, visual asset package.

"My website needed updating for a while but the task of re-doing it was daunting. Kate asked me a few simple question and instantly she had a vision of what I would like. She was very prompt and made all the changes along the way to really dial in exactly what I wanted.  Kate is very professional and easy to work with." -Matt Rini, Owner

Homelink Technologies

Project Components: Website re-design, logo design, visual asset package. 

"After MOR Creative's full re-work of our website and branding, our site now clearly defines and conveys the solutions our company implements. The visual appeal and format is superb – it allows our clients to understand the look and feel of the technology we provide. Customers now refer to our website when they ask for quotes..... "like I saw on your website." Our site has become an invaluable sales tool; educating our potential clients with strong text and visual content; reinforcing our client technology choices for their home. It’s a sales tool that works everyday." - Jeff Roberts, Former CEO

Meghan S. Phillips

Project Components: Site design, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Visual Asset Package

Working with Kate at MOR Creative was amazing.  Her creativity and artistic talent was evident from the layout, to the pictures, font, colors and my logo.   She listened to and understood my vision from the start.  I changed my mind pretty often and almost always ended up back to what Kate originally suggested! Kate was professional and a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend Kate and MOR creative to anyone! - Meghan Phillips, Author

Wedding Website

Project Components: Website design, Photography

Fresh24 Market 

Project Components: Website Creation, re-brand, customer profiling, visual asset package.